I’m Jacqueline, designer, creator and manager of Sinuhë brand. I was born in a small village in León (Spain). Since I was a child, my dreamy and creative soul did not stop developing and advancing. As a child I practiced with music, painting and image, but it was a little later, when I discovered my path was the design and creation of jewelry.

In 2014, Sinuhë is born, with the intention that the public can see my creations and, thus, be able to share with you my love for art and complements. It also emerges as a way of sharing with you my passion for tribal accessories, acquired in each of my travels.

My main source of inspiration, and my total weakness, comes from primitive tribal art, no matter where it comes from. This influence and taste for the primitive is clearly reflected in my creations where I mainly use natural colors and earth tones.

In all my creations I use materials of the highest quality. It is very important for me to be sure that I am offering a quality product, made with precision and that it will last for a long time. In this way I also look for the articles that I don’t manufacture myself to be made under the control of my own brand, always obtaining the desired quality in each part of the production process.
Sinuhë is a very young and small brand and, therefore, a brand that wants to get as close as possible to its public and its followers. Therefore, it is very important for me to know all your opinions, recommendations and suggestions, trying to provide the best service.

Thanks to all of you for making me move forward and allowing me to create.